Metalworking sector

The metal processing industry represents a very interesting and attractive investment opportunity. The city of Gradiška has a respectable industrial tradition and potential in human resources that is certainly appealing for investment in the metal processing industry. The metal sector in the city of Gradiška has a long-standing tradition and strong growth prospects. The metal industry sector is significantly oriented towards exports and strengthening the technological and human competencies of companies. The Technical School Gradiška, with over 500 enrolled students, offers education for technicians in mechatronics, robotics, CNC technology, information technology, heating and cooling mechanics, CNC operators, and wood processing technicians CNC, among others. In the three-year curriculum, this school provides education for welders, auto mechanics, metalworkers, installers, carpenters, toolmakers, and milling operators.

The high level of metal technology and processing technology provides local companies with the opportunity to produce practically any metal part according to customer requirements and specifications. Among the leading companies in metal processing, we want to highlight only some of them, such as Metal Inc., PMP Jelšingrad Inc., TIKT Manufacturing LLC, Čekić LLC, Solar Mont LLC, Milenkovac LLC, and others.

The activities of these companies are mostly related to the design and production of metal structures and parts, metal positions for CNC machine parts, positions for the automotive industry, wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum metalwork, as well as the production of machinery for construction and the processing of stainless steel. Most companies export their products to foreign markets, which makes a significant contribution to foreign trade and demonstrates the competitiveness of the metal sector in Gradiška.

Investment possibilities:
  • Possible collective investments and partnerships with the local metalworking firms
  • Establishment and initiating of the new metalworking companies in the framework of the existing investment zones
  • Investment into the adapted brownfield sites

Metalworking companies