Services and other activities

Due to its excellent geostrategic position, the City of Gradiska represents an extremely transit area to which favours the development of the industry of services, trade, construction and other service activities. This sector possesses important potentials and achieves a significant share in the total revenues of the city of Gradiška. It possesses a solid human base as well as the long tradition that also enables the development of the other activities. Services, trade, construction and other service activities have demonstrated significant vitality in the post-war reconstruction of the production and the readiness and wit of the local businessmen that only with the joint initiatives, bonding into the adequate supply and serving chain of the domestic economy can be reached and achieved joint success. Today, Gradiška is a place where more people from the European Union come to spend money, contract new businesses, create business contacts, spend free time because the benefits of the countries outside the European Union provide the possibility of profit and savings for the citizens of the European Union. In Gradiška are operating the companies with the long term tradition that with its expertise and services meet different demands of the domestic and foreign buyers. Among the firms which are the leaders in the construction sector point out Gradid Inženjering d.o.o. and Arting Invest d.o.o. from the area of designing, construction and maintain of the telecommunication infrastructure Koming-Pro d.o.o., construction and the other reproductive material shops Dambi komerc d.o.o. and Berza Produkt d.o.o., etc.

Investment possibilities:

  • Possible partnerships for the trade and different representatives and the traffic of brands
  • Joint investments and conducting of the infrastructural operations and equipment of the facilities
  • Services of the business counselling, opening of the companies and similar