Textile sector

The city of Gradiška has a long tradition and a good international reputation when it comes to the textile industry. The product structure is very broad: heavy clothing – men’s and women’s, light clothing, sports equipment, underwear, protective equipment, medical program, cooking program, etc. Experienced and qualified workforce, proximity to the markets of Western Europe, short delivery time to European traders, long tradition and know-how – these are all potentials that attract international companies and investors. More than 90% of companies are export-oriented, which means that the processing capacities are focused on low-end jobs for the world’s leading manufacturers. The most important companies are “ELLA TEXTILE” d.o.o. (Calzedonia Group), Gončin d.o.o., which produces HTZ protective equipment and medical clothing for well-known Austrian customers, Hakadesch d.o.o. a company that works on the underwear program for a well-known German customer, Svetislav Tex d.o.o. which markets the largest part of fashion clothing on the Italian market, as well as Botex d.o.o., Mardi d.o.o. and many others. It should be noted that companies from Gradiska in the textile industry work for leading world brands such as: C&A, Burberry, Piere Cardin and others.

Investment possibilities:

  • Investment into the greenfield sites and adaptation of the existing brownfield sites for the production
  • Development of the business partnerships with the local firms
  • Arranging of lohn businesses with the local firms

Textile companies