The field of tourism definitely falls into the most interesting and most attractive potential investors, whereas, Gradiška is exceptionally rich area from the point of view of the tourist offer, culture and tradition. This economic branch has the potential and the possibilities for attracting tourists and travellers from several urban areas, not only Bosnia and Herzegovina but also the broader region and tourists from the countries of the European Union, Russia and Turkey etc. The richness of the beautiful nature of this area is only one of the benefits. The benefits for the development of the tourism derive from the rich and colourful cultural heritage, interesting history of these parts where many civilizations have met and intertwined and from the diversity of the flora and fauna and the hydrographical potential. “Kozara” National Park and Kozara Mountain offer the possibilities of the development of the health, recreational and winter tourism. Clean air rich with oxygen, the wealth of the pine forests offer the possibilities for the development of the health and recreational tourism, the construction of the pedestrian “health paths”, the development of the recreational cycling tourism, adventure camps and similar. During the winter months Kozara is covered with snow that lasts on the mountain around 5 months in average what creates the conditions for the development of the winter tourism, establishment and expansion of the new ski slopes, accommodation capacities, organization of the winter sports games and similar. To the rural tourism specially favours the preserved nature, clean air and gastronomic offer of the local restaurants, among which are standing out Restaurant Djerdan, Taxi bar and others. The area of the city of Gradiška in the valley of the Sava River abounds with the numerous places for rest and recreation as well as the realization of the sports contests on the water. Gradiška provides the offer and opportunities for tourism development in the hunting and fishing, sports and recreational and religious tourism.

Investment possibilities:

  • Investments in the existing accommodation capacities (joint investment or partnership)
  • Development and improvement of the existing content and activities of the Kozara National Park
  • Construction of the new accommodation capacities (hotels, hostels and similar)
  • Establishment of the attractive tourist contents and contracted arrangements

You can get more information about the tourist offer of Gradiska here.

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