Why invest in the city of Gradiška?


Top 10 reasons why to invest in Gradiška:

1. Strategic location on the border with the EU – The best geostrategic position for your investment in the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. Access to the market of over 500 million customers – Our best reference for existing and foreign investors. Run your business outside of the EU’s legal framework, and export to the EU.

3. Easy access to international markets – (CEFTA, EFTA, FREE TRADE AGREEMENT WITH TURKEY) A convenient link between the east and west, as well as the north and south of Europe. The hub of business routes on the Balkan Peninsula.
4. Business security – The Stabilization and Association Agreement signed between BiH and the European Union, which is the guarantee of security to your business.
5. A favourable legal framework for foreign investments – customs privileges and tax exemptions.
6. The largest border crossing in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the trade of animal goods and vegetable origin and in general – godišnji promet vozilapreko jedan milion putničkih i preko stotinu hiljada teretnih vozila.

7. The lowest tax on profits in Europe of 10% and 17% of VAT – Significantly lower operating costs than in the EU countries.

8. Competitive and qualified workforce – The most available workforce in the area of light industry, manufacturing and crafts.

9. Organized infrastructure with exceptionally favourable operating costs – Lower costs of electricity, utilities, telecommunications, construction costs, etc.
10. Proactive and flexible administration – Proactive administration, accelerated procedures for registration of companies and issuing construction and other permits. Support by the Centre for Investors.