Woodworking sector

Historically, the city of Gradiška has a long tradition of forestry. Already in the late 19th century, the Austro-Hungarian Empire began timber exploitation in this area. The wood processing sector and furniture production in the Gradiška region are on the rise, evidenced by the increasing number of companies specialized in the production of final products such as chairs, doors, windows, upholstered, and panel furniture.

Over 30 companies based in Gradiška engaged in wood processing and furniture production generate over 100 million euros in annual revenue and employ over 1,300 workers. The main products of the wood industry and furniture industry in Gradiška include sawn timber, production of panel elements for the furniture industry (kitchens, doors, etc.), solid wood panels, and other similar semi-finished products, as well as various types of furniture (beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, wardrobes, etc.). The final industry represents a segment with great growth potential. Support for the timber industry is provided by the Technical School Gradiška, which, in cooperation with the City Administration of Gradiška, takes into account the needs of local businesses during student enrollment and directs and educates professionals in professions such as wood processing CNC technician and carpenter. Among the most successful companies in the Gradiška region are Lattonedil BiH d.o.o., Prima ISG d.o.o., Tapetarija Matić d.o.o., Tapetarija Nikolić d.o.o., and others. Over 80% of the products of these companies end up on the market of the European Union and surrounding countries.

Investment opportunities:

  • Construction and establishment of new production facilities within the Nova Topola Industrial Zone
  • Collaboration and acquisition opportunities with local wood processing companies
  • Access to potentially new markets through agreements such as CEFTA, EFTA, Free Trade Agreement with Turkey, etc.

Wood processing companies