Agri-food sector

Fertile fields of the Lijevče plain, a long tradition of agricultural production, excellent climatic conditions, developed agricultural infrastructure, represent the main resource and potential for the development of this sector.

Gradiška is the largest producer of fruits, with an annual production of over 50,000 tons, and one of the largest producers of vegetables in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the land structure of the city of Gradiška, agricultural land occupies 66%, which is over 50,000 hectares. Preserved and unpolluted natural resources of Gradiška are ideal for investment in food production in the organic concept, and there is great potential for the production of premium fruits in large quantities, investment in orchards, cold storage facilities, and processing and drying facilities. Large quantities of fruits and vegetables, along with a long tradition of production, leave plenty of room for branding local products.

Agricultural production is a traditional branch of economy in Gradiška and can absolutely be classified among the leaders. In addition to the aforementioned production of fruits and vegetables, animal production stands out in the form of poultry, pork, and beef production, as well as the production of animal feed, bakery products, etc. Here, we particularly want to highlight companies such as: Rapić d.o.o., Golić d.o.o., BMB delta d.o.o., Zelengaj d.o.o., and others.

The company “Rapić” d.o.o. from Gradiška is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian leader in the production of finished animal feed for all types and categories of animals, which is marketed under the brand “Farmofit”. The basic range of Farmofit products consists of complete and supplementary feeds, as well as premixes for poultry, cattle, and pigs. Also, Golić Trade d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the distribution of agricultural inputs, which provides its agricultural producers with the necessary service support and expert assistance in all stages of crop production, making this company recognizable over the two decades of its existence. BMB delta d.o.o. has been engaged in fruit production for years, as well as the production of brandies such as Jabukovača, Travarica, Vilijamovka, Dunjevača, Smrekovača, and Šljivova prepečenica. A special place and, at the same time, the most favorite recognition for fruit brandy for this company is the bronze medal at the International Beverage Evaluation in London in 2014. Zelengaj d.o.o. is a company whose primary activity is crop cultivation and orchard cultivation combined with animal husbandry (mixed agricultural production). The company has in its production range: crop production (corn, soybeans, wheat) and livestock production (fattening of cattle, fattening of pigs).

Investment opportunities:

  • Utilization of agricultural land and primary agricultural producers with the aim of creating a local raw material supplier base and opportunities for establishing additional value chains in the agricultural and food industry.
  • Opportunities for the production of primary raw materials and reducing transportation costs for certain markets in Europe and surrounding countries.
  • Investments into the existing breeding farms and other production capacities (joint investments, purchase, renting, purchase)
  • Investments in existing breeding farms and other production capacities (joint investments, purchasing, leasing, acquisition).

Agro-food companies