Invest in Gradiška

Our strategic position, with the largest transit border crossing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with a highly developed road infrastructure enabling direct connectivity to the European Union market, coupled with efficient administration, will be decisive factors for the success of your business.

Why invest in the city of Gradiška?
Top 10 reasons why to invest in Gradiška
1. Strategic location on the border with the EU – The best geostrategic position for your investment in the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2. Access to the market of over 500 million customers – Our best reference for existing and foreign investors. Run your business outside of the EU’s legal framework, and export to the EU.
3. Easy access to international markets – (CEFTA, EFTA, FREE TRADE AGREEMENT WITH TURKEY) A convenient link between the east and west, as well as the north and south of Europe. The hub of business routes on the Balkan Peninsula.
4. Business security – The Stabilization and Association Agreement signed between BiH and the European Union, which is the guarantee of security to your business.
5. A favourable legal framework for foreign investments – Transfer of profit is exempted from payment of tax; foreign investments are exempted from payment of customs duties on the equipment that is the subject of investment.
6. The largest transit border crossing in BiH of international character – With annual number of over 1,000,000 passenger vehicles and 100,000 freight vehicles. The largest border crossing in BiH for the trade of goods of animal and plant origine.
7. The lowest tax on profits in Europe of 10% and 17% of VAT – Significantly lower operating costs than in the EU countries.
8. Competitive and qualified workforce – The most available workforce in the area of light industry, manufacturing and crafts.
9. Organized infrastructure with exceptionally favourable operating costs – Lower costs of electricity, utilities, telecommunications, construction costs, etc.
10. Proactive and flexible administration – Proactive administration, accelerated procedures for registration of companies and issuing construction and other permits. Support by the Centre for Investors.
Invest in Gradiška

Business opportunities


Key sectors

The area of the city of Gradiška is extremely attractive for opening of the branch offices and production plants of the firms that want to do operate outside of the legislation framework of EU and to export in it and at the same time operate for the market of CEFTA. The border of the European Union makes the City of Gradiška the most frequent border crossing in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the adequately equipped customs terminal and efficient freight forwarding services represents an ideal area for investment in the operations of the distribution, production, transport and freight forwarding, subcontracting, lohn operations and joint investments, as well as the other types of business cooperation.

The existing side of the investment into the joint operations and firms with the domestic business people are the proof of a good cooperation and profit which the business people may achieve here. The local firms are already present on the foreign markets through different partnerships and export and are opened for cooperation with the foreign investors.

Companies from the area of the city of Gradiška have important contracts for the procurement and delivery of goods and services with the companies from EU, particularly in the metalworking, woodworking, textile and agro-food sector. In each of these sectors exist the possibilities and readiness of the owners for the new contracting of businesses, joint investments as well as the readiness on including the owners of the foreign companies in the ownership structure of the domestic firms.

Successful stories

Successful stories of the investors

PMP Jelšingrad
„Gradiška possesses hardworking and talented people. People who work at this area are diligent and devoted to what they do and that is very important to us.”

Branislav Banjac

Director, PMP Jelšingrad – Fabrika mašina a.d.

TIKT Manufaktura
„To produce outside the borders of EU and to operate in the borders of the same, with the favourable operational costs and professional working force were the right decision for our company.”

Krešimir Bodrožić

Director, TIKT manufaktura d.o.o.

Mehanizmi B
„Availability and the qualification of the working force with the favourable operational expenses of operations was the key for the development of our business at the area of municipality of Gradiška.”

Vidović Ognjen

Director, Mehanizmi B d.o.o. Gradiška